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Fly to Paris

Let Them Out

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Fly to Paris

Let Them Out

Mix and match pictures have been around for centuries, in everything

from fortune cards to games of chance. In the mid-nineteenth century, they  were incorporated in children’s toy blocks and puzzles. In Paris in the  1920’s, the surrealists added their

own wrinkle with a parlor game that used sentence fragments on folded

        pieces of paper. They called their

 ‘A verbal agreement

isn’t worth the paper

   it’s written on.’

– Samuel Goldwyn

This isn’t just talk.

I wrote this because:


a. No one likes to read a

book with someone look-

ing over their shoulder



b. I’ve got better things to

do than look over your shoulder.


My Privacy Policy

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 ‘Rome wasn’t

built in a daze,

   you know.’


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– Chico Marx

    ublishing to digital media is still in

its infancy–a comforting thought to a novice like myself. Each new turn–from hieroglyphs to motion pictures–brought

a new way of imagining the world and telling a story. It’s why Alphabook will always be a work in progress.

In his 1957 screen adaption of

Charles Lindbergh’s famous book,

‘The Spirit of St. Louis’, the film

director, Billy Wilder, used a simple

device to dramatize Lindberg’s early

life. In a small walk-on part, a tiny

listener sits quietly nearby while the

great pilot relates his life in flashback.

That listener was the impetus for this

tale about little things in big worlds.

Mixing text, sound, and animation,

Fly to Paris brings to life an urban

legend from the history of flight.


The complete book is now available

in the iTunes Store.

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invention the Exquisite Corpse.

In this version–alas–there are no corpses, but I hope you find it exquisite all the same.


The complete book is available

in the iTunes Store.

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