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Fly to Paris

Fly to Paris

Let Them Out

Let Them Out

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My Privacy Policy

I had a fortune cookie once that read, ‘Life is an old story told over and over’. That’s as good an explaination as any for why Alphabook will always be a work in progress. Welcome to the story so far.

Fly to Paris

‘Before today he would have given it little thought, a mere spec on the surface of life, nothing more than a nuisance. But here in  the cramped confines of the cabin, with thousands of miles of ocean all around, and the drone of the engine lulling him to sleep–the little fly was welcome company indeed!’


May 20, 1927–A tiny stowaway is found aboard Lindbergh’s plane on his solo flight across the North Atlantic, and an urban legend is born. Mixing text and animation, Fly to Paris brings to life this fanciful tale of little things in big worlds. The complete book is available in the iTunes Store.


‘Inside everyone is another one waiting to get out. Inside every story told is another one waiting to unfold.’

Mix and match pictures have been around for a very long. In the  nineteenth century, they were used in everything from carnival sideshows to children’s  paper toys and puzzles.

In 1920’s Paris, the surrealists added their own wrinkle with a parlor game using sentence fragments on folded pieces of paper. They called their new invention the Exquisite Corpse. In this version, there are no corpses, alas, but I hope you find it exquisite all the same. The complete book is available in the iTunes Store.

 ‘A verbal agreement

isn’t worth the paper

     it’s written on.’

Samuel Goldwyn

 ‘Rome wasn’t built

in a daze, you know.’

Chico Marx

jAlphabook creates books and stories for iPads using sound and animation for an enhanced reading experience.


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Alphabook creates enhanced books for digital media. I neither collect, store, nor share information on any person, group, or organization who purchase these products. Period. End of story.

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